You are My Treasure

At first I thought that this song use Italian language until I write this article and realized that it is Spanish. Tu Eres Mi Tesoro have an Italian version called If Only (I thought both of them are Italian). I love this song (both of them, Spanish and Italian) I hear it again and again … Continue reading You are My Treasure



Writing Challenge #Day 7 Today's theme for writing challenge is favorite female author. Who's my favorite? Honestly, I don't have any favorite author both male and female. But seeing my bookshelves, I realize that there are names who repeatedly appear. Elizabeth Gilbert, Desi Anwar and Jennifer L. Scott. Elizabeth Gilbert is widely known after writing … Continue reading Author

LOVE 2.0

I write this post after some inspiring conversation between my friend and I via facebook video call. She lives in United States and is an aspiring life coach who gives me couple free coaching session with her. So interesting! In one of our conversations about life and relationship, she mentioned this : your partner's job … Continue reading LOVE 2.0