#Day13 Learn to IGNORE

Sometimes we care too much. We think too much. We hear what other people say too much. We judge too much. We criticize ourselves too much. We feel that we fail too much. We listen what our negative mind say too.. too much. So this week I'll learn to ignore just a little bit more … Continue reading #Day13 Learn to IGNORE


Someone Calling Your Name

I used to think that when someone (a man) treats me gently, gives me beautiful flowers, good books, saying nice things about me and adore me dearly.. I will feel loved and probably really happy and blissful. But the funny thing is : it's not always the case -unfortunately. For me, it's really who is … Continue reading Someone Calling Your Name


I rarely feel confident in front of camera. I feel ugly, but I don't think I'm that ugly in real life. When I look at my picture, I often hate my dark skin, hate the way I stand or hate the clothes I wear. I don't like how oily my face get.. or how wide … Continue reading B612


If you ask about what is bad about YouTube? maybe you'll get many reasons why YouTube is bad, especially when you use it in unhealthy amount of time. But today I will share my thoughts on what's good about YouTube. Maybe you can add other good things about YouTube on the comment section below 🙂 … Continue reading YouTube