Ok, let’s have some light talk about inspiration to start this Monday morning. What or who inspire you lately? For me, it’s a person who own Youtube channel called Pick Up Limes. Her name is Sadia, a registered dietician and nutritionist. Pick Up Limes channel mostly cover about plant-based food, veganism and minimalist lifestyle. I … Continue reading Inspiration


Are we too available now? I remember those times when my household didn't have a phone yet. I still somewhere in elementary school and don't ever think about calling anyone. If one of my relatives want to call us, they simply call my neighbor's number -and my neighbor will inform us later so we can … Continue reading Available


I found a diamond this morning. It makes me not only feel enough but also feel wealthy. Bad thing happened this morning, though it's not a big one but because this particular thing happen again and again, I feel stuck. I feel worthless for having this problem repeatedly. I feel exhausted. In state of mind … Continue reading Diamond