Hi! I’ve been sick lately and can’t help but sleep most of the time. I mad at myself for feeling hopeless and scared and now sick too. But, yeah.. I think sometimes I just being “too” harsh on myself. Why not just enjoy the moment..and rest.

While I lay in my bed, lots and lots of memories, worries, and other thoughts popped by. I feel overwhelmed and just having so much conversations in my head. I’ve tried my best to pull myself from dwelling with the negative feelings but sometimes I can’t do that. And..that’s okay. That’s a part of being human.

While I lay in my bed, I do something that is rarely I do, nowadays : listening to the music on my phone. I see my playlist. Not much changed there. But, I noticed that I have one or two songs that’s always there.

The first song is Christina Aguilera – I Turn to You. I’ve been listening to this song since I was an elementary student. What I love about this song is it’s power (or maybe, Chritina’s voice power). When I was a kid, I used to listen to Christina Aguilera (and Britney Spears) songs. I dance and try to dress up like her. I love her voice and particularly in this song, her voice is so powerful. The lyric is so beautiful too, I think it’s dedicated for her mother (our mother). I just can’t delete this song from my playlist 🙂

The second song is Counting Crows – Big Yellow Taxi. Everytime I hear this song, I feel such comfortable yet nostalgic and I love it! Remind me of my youth and all the things that beautiful about that 🙂 I also love about the lyric who says : That you don’t know what you’ve got, ’till it’s gone. So beautiful!

Bonus. There will be another song that will always on my playlist. It’s Michael Buble – Close Your Eyes. Such a romantic and beautiful song. Other song is Coldplay – Paradise. It’s so lovely and I fall in love with Chris Martin’s voice.

What is your favorite song?


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