This Week

What is “the best” thing that happened to you this week?

Well it’s the start of new month, Syawal, and as a moslem I celebrate Eid Al-Fitr last Sunday. One of many good things that happened this week was the fact that I can spend some quality times with my family.

I realized that good relationship indeed give a huge part of our happiness and well-being. I’m so glad that I can spend money not only on “stuffs” but also on fun and meaning activities that I had with my family -especially with my cousins this week.

I also had a huge transition in my life last year as I moved from my old house (where I lived since I was born). Before moving out, I felt scary and just imagine how hard things will be once I moved. Maybe it’s the environment, or the adaptation or the neighbors.. But, fortunately many of my families lived not far from my new house and they visiting me regularly.

So without even realizing it, this life transition didn’t feel that hard for me. I feel more ease and comfortable. I didn’t think much about my old environment. Whenever I get passed through my late neighborhood, I didn’t feel sad as I thought I would feel. I just feel peace.

So, what is the best thing that happened to you this week?


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