Lately, I’ve just realized that I’m more kind of “perfectionist” type of person. Especially when it comes to detail. My friends acknowledge that I’m so meticulous when I’m doing my assignment back then in college years. I more concerned with the dot, or coma, or what words should use capitalize letter. I didn’t realize that my habit of sweating the small stuffs sometimes bring a stressful situation for me. I also noticed that I love organizing and placing things on its place. I become feeling unease to see that things just cluttered and unorganized -and that makes me easier to feel sulky.

While it’s good for me to keep my area clean and clear, the problem is I live with other people and interact with many kinds of people so sometimes I just can’t force them to live the way I like to live. Yesterday I realized that I don’t want to be controlled by this -as I will always interact with other people and because I want to be a more loving and kind person. So when I catch myself being stress or angry because I see “little things” not in the way I want to see or feel, I established this 2 simple steps to de-stress myself.

Breathe in. Breathe out. It’s really easy for us to forget the most blessing gift that God give us -our breathe. Lots of self-help gurus and successful people said that become aware of our breathing can loosen our body and mind, so it helps a lot to reduce unnecessary stress. I recently found this simple but helpful video about breathing that you can use too 🙂

I breathe in peace. I breathe out love.

Slower my motion. Whenever I catch myself being mad over something that actually doesn’t really matter, I slow down whatever I’m doing at that time and just feel the feeling arise and acknowledge it. Slowing my motion help me to get clear on what’s my best self will react to this. Example : when my 5-years-old sister is playing with some of her friends and make the house REALLY messy, what should I react? Most of the time I will scolded her and force her to just fix the mess -but she surely won’t do it if I ask her that way. By aware of my breathing and slowing my motion, I will ask a better question : do this messy house is more matter than being a loving sister?

Motion creates emotion.

Wanting to become a more loving person, I now remind myself of this quote : Every communication is either a loving one or crying for help. So, basically when someone do a behavior that makes me feel mad or angry, just remember..that they’re crying for help. Help for fill themselves with love.

So how do you deal with stressful situation?


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