It’s Wednesday morning, here in Indonesia. I would like to do something specific today. I’ll be doing a “mindful scrolling” throughout the day 🙂

As checking social media become kind of a routine nowadays, I feel like sometimes I fall into mindlessly scrolling my social media feeds without gain “something more”. So today, I decided to mindfully using those social media, these include :

Mindfully open an app.
Not just because it was there! But because I want to reach someone or someone has reached me. Do the type mindfully too 🙂

Mindfully read social media feeds.
I’m connected with Facebook in most of my daytime. So, today I will carefully read what’s on my news feeds and kind of delete or unfollow some account who is not adding value for me anymore. It’s the same with Instagram and Pinterest, which I open it frequently during the day. I will set a special time to just pay attention with the images and the caption –not just scrolling trough them mindlessly.

Disconnected after 7 pm.
With smartphone just right on my palm most of the time, sometimes I can’t help but always turn my mobile data on. But today, I’ll be turn it off after 7 pm and just using it for listening to podcast or music.

I’ll try this JUST for today. But, I hope I can continue even for tomorrow and the day after tomorrow…

Have you ever been doing a mindful practice in using social media? Or do you want to join me? 🙂


2 thoughts on ““Mindful Scrolling”

    1. Yes of course, I try to do a mindful scrolling since a long time but sometimes I slip through it XD
      But after I write a post, I become more serious about this. You know, when I try to be mindful with my social media news feed..I feel more likely exhausted faster (because I read it carefully every post and every caption people wrote and commenting on a fascinating posts and see every videos that pop up on my news feed). Unsurprisingly, it makes me more selection on what kind of account that I want to follow, and makes me reduce the amount of using social media -especially Instagram.

      It’s fun though! To really be present with what you see on social media. And it helps me to feel comfortable instead of searching that dopamine rush from social media 🙂 How about you handling your social media?


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