Are we too available now?

I remember those times when my household didn’t have a phone yet. I still somewhere in elementary school and don’t ever think about calling anyone. If one of my relatives want to call us, they simply call my neighbor’s number -and my neighbor will inform us later so we can call back. A bit complicated, huh?

And then one of my cousin had a phone. Every time I was around her home, I would excitingly pick up every call that was coming. Sometimes my cousin asked me to make a prank call to one of her cute friend (of course it was a boy!), and then we laughed so hard..enjoying the silliness we’ve done.

And then my household had a phone. But I remember, it was a more expensive one so we have to be careful in using it. Then almost everyday I started to wait for that phone to ring. Even though the call wasn’t for me, anyway. When I had a “boyfriend” back then (maybe at my junior high school days), I would waiting with full anticipation every Saturday or Sunday -because he usually called me at those days every few weeks. I remember back then, that we even make a plan to meet using that table phone. I wonder how can I meet him exactly at the right time and right place, when both of us didn’t carry “a magical handphone”.

And then, my cousin had her first handphone! I was amazed to see how fun it was to use your own handphone. Short time later I had my own handphone and so was everyone around me. But internet wasn’t the trend back then, so I just use texts and calls sometimes. Texts were really fun! I used to chat with my friend and sometimes make pranks over texting. I remember sending a-so-called wrong message to one of my crush -hope that will initiate more conversations trough texting 😀

Everything has changed now. With smartphone and internet become much easier than before, we had everything on our fingertips. Text messages were replaced by endless chats. Media social can be accessed easily -unlike Friendster which I only check it once a week or two through public internet access back then. So now, as I accidentally left my phone at the office yesterday, I think about it.. maybe it’s me that is too available. Every time I reach someone, I had this “urge” to get the reply right away. And you know what? Sometimes I feel lonely when my phone didn’t ring any notifications. Poor me…

I wonder how it feels to be disconnected the way when internet not so popular…maybe for a week or so.


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