It’s a secret. But I think everyone has it. Despite its weirdness, I think it brings joy too to our life. Weird things that we often do tend to bring some fresh distractions to our daily life.

My number one weird thing that I do almost everyday is talk by myself. Sometimes I don’t even realize that I talk to myself because it comes automatic from my mouth (lol). It’s not just talk but also sometimes I laugh loudly when suddenly I remember something funny. I talk almost about everything that happened in my day or sometimes visualize myself talking to someone. And also to add its weirdness, some days I set a separate time to sit in front of my mirror and talk to myself about random things. I found myself enjoying this activity so much!

Well, maybe this next weird thing that I enjoy doing is kind of mood booster activity. But I only do this activity when I feel like doing. I like to turn on my netbook with speaker on it then I listen to this song, then singing and dancing! In my country’s culture this kind of music genre is considered not for “young and modern” generation but instead it’s more for older generation. Sometimes I feel embarrassed to admit that I love this song XD But honestly I like doing that to boost my mood sometimes 🙂

What is your favorite weird thing to do? Share your story 🙂


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