It’s totally OKAY if you want to unfollow my account, I said to one of my friend.

She told me that she’s been feeling quite anxious and depressed lately. I know and really understand that now she’s facing some form of challenging situations in her life. And lately she told me that she feel lost and want to give up this life 😦

I often keep in touch with her and hope that it will ease her loneliness a little bit. Yesterday, I asked her about social media. She said that she’s been so active in social media and she thinks that it gave a huge contribution to her depression. So I gave her an advice to do social media detox. The first step she can do is to unfollow all of the people that trigger her uncomfortable feeling. Person whose account triggers her jealousy, insecurity and makes her fall into comparison trap or feeling not good enough. I suggest her to do that because I’ve been doing this for several years now. My social media feeds now mostly contain about what inspires me and what brings me joy or knowledge or new insights -and it really contribute to my overall happiness and contentment.

She said that it’ll be really overwhelming for her to unfollow those people because there are so many, many, many, person she wants to unfollow. And also she feels uneasy to unfollow some of her friends. Yeah, and I agree that it’s been a challenging one to unfollow your friend (especially a close one) or to decide not following your friend’s account (especially when they follow us first!).

I don’t know whether she will follow my advice or not, but it makes me think about this further and I discuss this follow/unfollow matter with my sister. When I told my sister about this, she’s like “What is wrong with you? Why you feel insecure looking at your OWN friend’s account? I never feel that way especially with my close friend”.

So, what is wrong with me? I used to feel like there’s something not right with my mind or sometimes I think that I am a person with “evil thought” about my own friend, based on how I feel when I saw their posts on social media. But, when I take a closer look..maybe it just my unique trait or maybe it just something that bother me. I decide to unfollow those whose post is triggering my insecurity and makes me think ill about them, instead of keep following their account in the name of “friendship”.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m doing this not because I hate them in person or even don’t like them in a real life. In fact, I had a really good relationship with some of people who’s not on my “following” list. Because what bothers me is not them as a person, but more of their post and the way they “show off” their life through social media.

So, to be honest I had a close friend and we keep maintaining our relationship up until now but when it comes to social media… I gave up on following her account. The reason is simple : her post makes me feel bad about myself and raise negative feelings toward her. But I don’t know if she ever noticed that I’m not following her on social media because we’re really good friends and still communicating and meeting often.

Because social media sometimes take a large amount of my time, I really feel the benefit of doing this social media detox. And I know that when people or maybe one of my friend did not follow me on Instagram.. there’s nothing to do with me! It just a decision they make and that’s really OKAY πŸ™‚

How do you handle your social media? Please share your story with me!


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