As I’ve mentioned in my earlier post here, I want to take a baby step about loving myself more. And I’ve got the list of all the things I love about myself. Even looking at this list, I still feel a little bit unsure because.. I don’t know, it feels like a form of self-indulgence. But, who cares? I want to do it, anyway šŸ™‚

So, the first thing that crossed to my mind when I ask myself : “What do you like about yourself” is.. I DON’T KNOW. But, I keep asking and thinking then I got this list:

I like myself, because I like reading book.
I like my handwriting. It’s so cute!
I love my interest in become a life-long learner.
I love my self-awareness.
I love that I’m always striving and trying to be the best version of myself.
I’m a caring person (well, maybe :p).
I like my willingness to understand other people.
My willingness and capability to forgive.
My decision and effort to see beauty in others and in life.
My decision to stop being a victim and to get rid of “mental victim” thought.
I love hearing my voice.
I like hearing my voice speaking English.
I like my kind words and gesture.
I like the way I interact with kids.
I love seeing my smile.
I love hearing my laugh.
I like my writing.
I like my pretty eyes and eyelashes šŸ™‚
I love the fact that I’m trying to love myself more.
I love my habit of tidying and decluttering.
I love that I’m a simple person.
I love that I’m trying my best to be grateful.
I like the fact that I’m constantly writing a diary.

That was my list of “Things I Love about Myself”. Honestly, when I make this list I’m thinking.. is this really works or am I just wasting my time. And after I make the list, I kept asking myself : what now? And then I decided to focus on those things I like about myself, for example when I speak.. suddenly I feel better knowing that I like hearing my own voice. When I’m tidying my space suddenly I feel proud because I know that this is a good trait. Yeah, things like that..

I told myself, now you have this one person that WILL ALWAYS like you no matter what. So, don’t worry too much like you used to feel. And I also feel lot more at ease now, knowing that I shouldn’t have to compare myself with others (in negative way) in order to be liked by “someone” else.

Do you have your list? How does it makes you feel?



2 thoughts on “Things I Love about Myself

  1. I love this! It is so beautiful becuase it is so honest. I really feel like this post could help people who are in a similar place to you. Its also so brave to do in the first place and extra brave to post it online!


    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment, Jen šŸ™‚
      Yes, sometimes it takes so much courage to post something personal. But I also I think that I got so much inspirations and new insights from reading or hearing other people personal stories. Hope it help too!

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