Lately, I’ve been catching myself liking my own reflection in the mirror most of the time, especially first thing in the morning after get up from my bed. At first, I didn’t really notice this..but now I’m wondering “what’s happened or what’s changed from my face that makes me feel this way?”. I pay attention and nothing’s changed, actually.

Maybe this feeling is a result from my thinking since few weeks earlier when I feel like I just don’t know what to do with my own life and get so confused what to do with myself. I came to realize that maybe it just form of overthinking and maybe I let “fear” being in control. So I said to myself, I just have to do what feels right and true because no one’s going to do it for me! No one’s going to figure out what I’m going to do with my life and myself! And I realized no one’s going to take care of myself too. I know, I have family and friends who always support me and that’s really a blessing. But if I refuse to take responsibility over myself, who will? So I have to do those for myself first.

It’s the same with liking, loving and approving myself. If I just don’t like being “me”, who will? If I’m not comfortable with myself, who will?

Louise Hay, motivator and author of You Can Heal Your Life, ever said that the most powerful affirmation is “I love and approve of myself”. Look at the mirror, at your eyes, and say that affirmation.What kind of feeling that comes after looking at the mirror and say that? That feeling and thoughts are what holding you back, Louise said. And to deal with those, we had to acknowledge the negative messages. We have to accept those messages in order to let them go.

Even that nowadays I like my reflection at the mirror most of the time, but when I tried this affirmation I feel like I cannot believe my own words. I feel that I don’t have that kind of loving feeling towards myself. I doubt that because I feel like I’m just an ordinary human being and don’t have what it takes or what special that makes me lovable. I feel like asking myself, are you sure about loving “this person”?

Knowing that even for myself I’m not sure whether I like myself or not is quite pitiful. Who else is going to like this self? From now on I will work on being my own best friend. My first baby step is inspired by Lavendaire video about self-love : list all the things I love about myself. Hope that it helps! 🙂 I’ll share what I get with those lists later.

I hope that I can be proud and comfortable in my own skin. After all, I am God’s loving creation♥♥♥

Do you ever tried this affirmation? How that makes you feel? Or maybe you have the list of all the things you love about yourself? Share with me 🙂


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