“What is happiness?” I ask myself often. Up until now I’m still not sure with the answer, but all I know is that I make this “happiness” matter become complicated to myself. Will I be happy once I have a ‘fulfilling career’? Will I be happy when I finally got married to my prince charming? Will I be happy when I have certain amount of money? Will I be happy when I gave birth to my child? Will I be happy when everybody around me understand and accept me the way I am? Will I be happy if I have no major worries in my life? Will I be happy if I become a best-seller writer?

Will I be happy if I stop thinking about it??

Being happy is simple. Being happy is also an inside job. You just cannot be happy if you’re decided not to. There’s always a reason to complain and not enjoying life -but there’s always a reason to focus on positive side of our life that can make us feel happy 🙂

I know a person, she’s a friend of mine. I get to know her for several years now and actually I don’t really know exactly her background was.. but for me, overall, she had a good life. She’s healthy, she married a decent man who is a hard-working person, she had two beautiful healthy kids, she lived in a nice house with a car -she is totally fine. Unfortunately I had to admit that most of the time, it drained my energy (and others) so much just to talk to her. She’s kind of addicted to talk about herself in a negative way. Complaining about her husband’s schedule work or how hard it is to take care two little kids who is so active. Talking about why she’s is not pretty or not smart enough or not have enough time to pampering herself. Every time I try to talk about good things that happen in her life, she’s kind of turn the conversation away back to the “lack-of” theme. I really want to chat and share things with her because she’s so experienced being a mother and so on..but, sometimes I can’t handle just to listen to her disempowering words!

I know deep down that maybe she had unresolved emotional wound or anything that she had to tackle first, but what I really want to share is that I realized sometimes we’re making this “barrier” for us to be happy. We’re keep focusing on what’s missing, what could go wrong, what is lack and that makes our brain searching for the facts that support our disempowering belief. It reminds me that I should move away that “barrier” too, whatever it is, that blocking me from being happy and grateful. Maybe the barrier is my weight? My income? What other people think of me? Instagram feeds?

I don’t want to wait until I get married, or until I have my own home or until next week -I will be happy now 🙂 for the things that I had today, for the people who surround me with love and overall for God’s love♥♥♥

What is your biggest barrier to happiness? Share with me! 🙂



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