On the way of forgiving and accepting myself.

One particular thing I want to tackle lately is my habit of overthinking. I realized that this habit makes me feel little bit more stress and discontent. I often catch myself wondering things that happen in the past, worrying about my future, thinking about what others said about me, etc. Added by my own thoughts about why am I here right now ? Why am I doing things I don’t like to do? Why am I being left out and feel miserable? Why didn’t I have something to proud of? Why am I so sensitive?

One of my closest person said that I’m worrying and thinking too much and I better just do what’s right for me anyway. He said that I’m kind of wasting my potential and that I don’t have to be afraid of failing. But sometimes I feel like that I’m not just afraid about failing but also afraid of even trying!

In this disempowering state of mind, we tend to focus on things that didn’t go right and easily forget what’s actually wonderful in our life. As Louise Hay often said in her book, or as Rhonda Bryne share it on “The Power”, our thoughts became our reality. What we seek is what we find. So, sometimes I decided to just focus on what’s great about myself and my life -but this habit of overthinking not letting me off the hook that easy.

So.. for me who cannot get rid of overthinking yet, I forgive myself. For me who feel like not good enough and just can’t keep up with this fancy world, I forgive myself. For me who feel like wasting my potential, I forgive myself. For me who often feel lazy and just don’t want to do “what’s right”, I forgive myself. For me who feel like I’m writing a post that not good, I forgive myself. For me who feel guilty for letting myself thinking about forgiveness..I forgive myself.


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