First Lady (part 2)

I still remember when I sat in front of TV and saw some of the news about United States of America’s election for President in 2008. Republican candidate, John Mc Cain was head to head with Democrat candidate, Barrack Obama. What stealing my attention at that time was not the President candidate, to be honest. But Sarah Palin. She looks so smart!

But Barrack Obama was stealing many of Indonesian citizen’s attention, because he spent some time of his early childhood in Jakarta. This fact makes many Indonesian relate to him more easily and maybe we’re so thrilled to imagine that the President of the United States once lived here in Indonesia. I must admitted that for me Barrack Obama appeared to be more “friendly” and “dependable” than his competitor back then.

It’s been 8 years ago and now the Obama’s had to leave the White House. There is one thing I like about Obama. Not for his any political decisions (of course) because I don’t understand and interested on that “thing” -but I like seeing his wife, Michelle Obama.

I think Michelle Obama has really succeed on delivering her role as a First Lady of The Unites States. Being a first African-American woman to be First Lady, she knows how to show the world that she capable of doing a great job –regardless of her skin color. She is a good role model for younger generation. She said that young generation must get a proper education, especially for girls, so they can empowering themselves and make their life even better. Though she had lot of critics and hateful comments about her works (and her physical appearance), she appears to be strong and prove that she wouldn’t let anybody define herself. Her infamous words are “When they go low, we go high”.

Not only being a strong and brave First Lady, she also shows her role as a mother to two kids, Malia and Sasha. She always want to raise her kids as best as she could. Michelle Obama said that raising her two daughters is something that she proud of. She’s hoping that every child can get what her daughter get in general : a good education, a safe place to live, and freedom to develop their abilities.

Despite being a First Lady, she can be really cool and funny too. I love seeing her appearance in James Cordon’s carpool karaoke. She’s so fun to hang with! She also not hesitate to dance or do push-up in television. She shows that you can dance with Ellen –even if you’re a First Lady of The United States. This act is also one ways to deliver the message for Let’s Move movement. Michelle promoted that we have to be more engaged in physical activities.

In her farewell interview with Oprah Winfrey, Michelle said that being a First Lady was really hard and challenging for her. She said that there is no way to describe what it feels like to open newspaper everyday and know that almost every headlines is your husband responsibility at some levels. But Michelle Obama said that she (and her team) were the happy side of the White House, so she works hard to bring more joy to the American –bring more laughter and meaning to the House. She’s always supporting her husband, be it with her actions as a wife and mother to their kids or as a First Lady.

Michelle made The White House a place that belongs to everybody. And the new generation sets it’s sights higher because it has you as a role model. So, you’ve made me proud and you’ve made the country proud. –Barrack Obama

Sometimes I think that no “ordinary” person can carry an “extraordinary” responsibility. I wonder if I still sweat the small stuffs about life in general, how can I stay strong for the bigger challenges in my life? I wonder if I still upset about little things in my relationship with my partner, can I be a supportive partner to him once he destined to be a President? Wow, that’s hard.


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