First Lady (part I)

I came from Indonesia. And my first lady is, our nation beloved, Ibu Iriana. Ibu Iriana married to Bapak Joko Widodo (7th President of Indonesia) on December 1986 and have three kids. Ibu Iriana is well-known for her grace and humility beside her role as a wife of Indonesian President. She appears to be a picture of common Javanese women who is beautiful, humble and so calm. Before being a President, Bapak Jokowi was a former mayor of Solo and former governor of DKI Jakarta, so Ibu Iriana is familiar with a life as a public figure.

I found Ibu Iriana is so charming because of her humbleness. In some of her interviews, she appears to be so genuine, a common Indonesian woman, despite her role as First Lady. She said that although her husband now is a President, nothing much changed in her life (except for the privacy and all the headline madness, I assume). Being asked about her support to her husband, she said that she’s always supporting him as much as she could. Ibu Iriana said that even though they had less time to spend especially with the family, she try to understand and not adding much burden to his husband. That is one of her ways to support his husband.


For Ibu Iriana, life is supposed to be enjoyed and she let her life flows as it is. Being asked about her humble way of life she responded that everything seems good enough for her. No need to make things so complicated. She always being grateful for her life and that’s the main source for her strength.

Seeing this down to earth lady makes me think that people always have their own way to live and inspiring others at the same time. At least for me. Being a First Lady with all the privileges she had, I think Ibu Iriana still want to appear more humble and down to earth –an image that her husband carry too. Seeing Ibu Iriana, I can relate her with myself. I see her as someone who is living a life not so far away and not so much different from most of woman in my life (except that her husband is a President). I think she’s so beauty with that unique side of her 🙂


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