Injury Time

Some days I feel like to have an injury time, an extra Sunday, one more day wearing my pajamas all day long and reading unread articles or listening to my favorite podcast. Some mornings I feel like wanting to have two hours more sleeping under my warm blanket and pillow, locking my room so no one bother to disturb me. But for my typical 9 to 5 job, I just can’t have this injury time. Fortunately enough I can start slowly. Very slowly.


To boost my energy I usually start really slow. Slowly throwing my blanket to the floor, drinking a glass of water and start a morning prayer. My favorite thing to lift my mood is de-cluttering my desk so it looks clear and clean -and spacious. I also love hearing music from my phone and singing along. Then I prepare my work clothes, shoes and fill my bags with stuffs I need for today. I put them in one place so I can easily grab them as I ready to go.

Every body around me sometimes moving in a really fast pace for me, I just can’t keep up. So, I rather making my own pace. It gives me a 30% more peaceful morning 🙂 It works. When I found later that I forget ironing my work clothes, I don’t really mind. Oh, it just a messy clothes I wear today..but it’s okay 🙂

Happy monday! ^^


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