I like Kate Middleton. I like her smile, her grace, her style -and her title of course. I found  shoes that look like hers and bought it couple months ago. I rarely use that shoes because I want to keep that shoes polished and nice. Whenever I use that shoes, I get annoyed easily when my foot accidentally bumped into something and leave a scratch on my shoes. Well, it sounds ridiculous but it’s true!

This morning, to boost my feeling and confidence, I wear that shoes. I really love seeing that shoes on my foot. As my eyes locked on that pretty shoes, I suddenly remember a quote from Joshua Fields Millburns which says “Love people, use things. Because the opposite never works”.  Okay, so this is JUST a shoes and I’ll use it. I will cherish and take care of it well –but never get really annoyed when it get a scratch. It just shoes 🙂


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