If you can read this post, I want you to make time just to appreciate life. For the sun who once again shines beautifully today. For our food that allow us to nourish our precious body. For our home and shelter, for our job and sources that provide us money, for running water that keep us hydrate -and sane! Everything that IS in our life. Everything that make it easier for us to live this life.

One of my relatives passed away yesterday due to work accident. He is relatively young and no one ever thought that he will die away that way. I can’t imagine how sad it is, especially for his wife and his two kids.

In the time like this, suddenly my focus slightly change especially when I’m looking at my loved ones. It becomes clear that their presence itself is MATTER to me. Little things don’t bother me that much. My mother forget to turn off the light, my sister left her toys cluttered in the living room, my boyfriend forget to call me..those little things become really small -knowing that their presence is much, much, much bigger.

If you can read this post, let’s make a time to be grateful for being alive and surrounded by loved ones.


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