One of my favorite thing to do (and it’s been my favorite since I was a kid) is tidying my space. I love cleaning, storing, organizing and arranging things in “their” place. I love seeing a clear space especially at my desk and room. A clear space makes me calmer and happier -and otherwise, cluttered space makes me feel bad.

Marie Kondo’s “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up’ is one of my favorite book. Marie Kondo call her method of tidying up as KonMari Method. The most interesting thing about her method is how we have to select things that we REALLY need and letting go things that we don’t need anymore or things that didn’t spark joy for us. We just keep things that we need and love, so we can cherish them better. It’s easier and less stress to tidy when we have less stuff -and it really simplifying our live!

In this modern world when advertisement can easily bombarded us almost everyday with fancier stuff, more up-to-date things, things that we should buy -and thanks to online shop that make it easier to just shop anything that we can afford. But do we really need that? Or it just weigh us down like another stuff we don’t really need? I think that we just can’t keep buying new things if we can’t take care the old one well. The “new” then will be the same like the “old”.

It’s weekend (I love weekend so much!) and happy tidying! ^^


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