Yesterday was a pretty tough day for me.

I got a headache, my food seemed not so tasty, lot of works to do, things get slightly bad with my job, cluttered environment and gloomy weather. I get much sleep -but lack of quality. So I didn’t wake up feel refreshed. No, I don’t mean to nag or whine. I just feel that those things made my day tough yesterday. You know, we had a tough day sometimes.

Do you know what makes me feel lot better after a tough day? Especially, when sleep and food didn’t help that much. Well, I find that taking a bath with (very) cold water, washing my hair, give it conditioner and vitamin -makes me feel so much better! I feel more relax, calm and more positive.

You seem can’t function well and easy to get sulky if you neglect your own self. So why not take a rest for a while, relax and do what you like..

What is your favorite thing to do?


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