A few weeks ago I bumped into this YouTube account. I found this account so inspiring  -and Lewis Howes is so much charming! So, I watch this episode of Elizabeth Gilbert on School of Greatness. I really love Liz Gilbert’s book Eat, Pray, Love and I also love the way she talk about her thoughts (when doing an interview or other “talk” thing) and the way her voice articulating words. It feels really nice to hear that voice sometimes 🙂

In this episode, Lewis and Liz Gilbert discussing about lot of things. About creativity, fear, kindness, inspiration, about Oprah Winfrey.. but what grab my attention the most is when Liz Gilbert said that she ever tried a “project” which she will ask everybody on the room this question “What do you find most exciting about this life lately?”. She decided to do this after on one early morning when she’s doing her make up and there’s just two of them in the room (Liz and her make up girl) Liz felt that even though the two of them were physically on that room, nobody was really there. So, she ask the make up girl “Hey, can I ask you a question? What do you find most exciting about this life lately?”. And the girl excitingly told that she’s really thrilled with water in Mars. The connection between two person in the same room then happened, not only physically but also emotionally.

Lewis Howes then added that he often asking that very question to the person he just met. “What do you find most exciting about this life?”. And he also asking people about “Mention three things you feel grateful today”. Because he thought that people often asking others the wrong question like “Where do you come from?” or “How do you do?”. So, for me this is so inspiring. That we can jump right on to the depth of connection with others with this kind of question. And maybe if you asking that question to yourself, you can build deeper connection with yourself. That’s worth a try!

So, what I find most exciting about this life lately? Wow, actually it’s hard to answer because there are so much things that excites me lately. The YouTube, the podcast apps in my smartphone, my vocal course, my parent’s new home, so much. But I will pick the most one. Okay.. maybe this one. I find that my parent’s new home is the most exciting thing lately. I mean, moving out from the only place I live since I was born is really exciting -and also nerve-wrecking. But whatever it brings, I hope that I can handle that well. Well..moving out is hard, right?

So, what do you find most exciting about this life lately?


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